The Flash Brothers Live

Three brothers by the name of Ruven, Ilan and Shmuel Flaishler make up one of the hottest dance acts/DJ teams around the world. They are better known as the ‘Flash Brothers’, who are the hottest dance music export from Israel to date, as well as frontrunners on the international dance scene. The Flash Brothers are true pioneers in the Israeli dance music scene with regards to progressive house, progressive trance and electro 80’s house music. They don’t like to be put into one distinct category; rather they consider themselves to be underground dance music producers/performers. Their ambition, hard work, and massive chart success have paid off, as this hotly tipped trio performs all over the world nowadays at some of the most prestigious clubs and biggest events.

One of the biggest steppingstones in the Flash Brothers’ career to date came at the beginning of 2001. Two of the world’s most prolific DJs, namely Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto Records) and John Digweed (Bedrock Records), embraced some of the Flash Brothers’ releases and this consequently led to signing some of these tracks to their respective labels. The Flash Brothers then broke into the UK market under the Flash banner with the release of ‘The Days After/Megatron’ through Perfecto Records in October 2001. The release was featured on compilations like ‘Perfecto presents Paul Oakenfold Ibiza 2001’ and the triple mix CD compilation ‘Perfecto Collection’. From here on, the Flash Brothers gained international recognition and worldwide fame was the next thing on their agenda.

The Flash Brothers have released singles with some of the leading dance labels in the world, such as Oxyd, Direction (Sony/UK), Perfecto, Bedrock, Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi and many more. Furthermore, they have been performing as a trio live act with their music for more than six years. They have played all over Israel at top clubs such as Haoman 17, TLV, Dome, Octopus, Pacha, Forum, Vertigo, Hata’asiya, Ultrasound, Ku, Vox, and so on. In addition, they’ve performed at open-air festivals in Israel as well as Love Parades 1999 to 2003 and Heineken’s Sundance Beer Festival. Add to that many successful gigs together around the world in countries like Turkey, Hungary, Sweden, UK, Holland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Ibiza, Croatia, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia and tours throughout Asia. With every gig their popularity seems to keep growing among clubbers and fans that support them all the way.

In short, the trio can hardly be labeled as a ‘flash in the pan’, as they continue to tour their amazing Flash Brothers’ show (live act + DJ set) around the world and keep delivering smash productions and hot remixes on top labels, which are featured on countless compilation CDs. The Flash Brothers are about to embark on a worldwide tour with the most mind blowing production. This band is set to explode in 2011.