Ryan Nathan

Over the past 10 years Ryan Nathan has surrounded himself with the top players in the electronic music industry in Miami & around the World. His energy & passion for creating crowd frenzies has carried him deep into the industry…. And he’s just getting started!!!
Ryan’s performing career began in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa, with a pair of old Gemini turntables and a mixer. He & his friends used to hang out after high school & mix music instead of doing homework. Once he had developed the basic skills, he began working with the 2 largest rave production companies in South Africa at the time, Mother & ICE Productions. It was there that he realized there were endless limits in this business. Ryan Nathan has worked with the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox, Sasha & Jon Digweed as well as South Africa’s local stars.

In August of 2000 Ryan moved to Boston where he went to school for Radio Broadcasting. He had a weekly internet radio show called ‘Night School’ which aired from 8 – midnight weekly. This is where he diversified his skills and began playing hip-hop & rap music. After graduating college and rocking countless bars & house parties in Boston, Ryan decided to head down south to a bigger market and a warmer climate. Ryan quickly began work with Party 93.1, which was the only dance music radio station of its kind in the country. He met many DJs and befriended most including Markus Schulz, Oscar G, Cato K, etc. After the radio station switched format overnight, Ryan moved on and began a career with the Winter Music Conference as their Production Coordinator. Presently, Ryan is their Production Manager and has worked for WMC for 6 years. Ryan holds a residency at the countries’ #1 Lifestyle Nightclub.

Ryan Nathan has destroyed the last 6 Ultra Music Festivals in Miami as well as the largest nightclubs throughout South Florida & Atlanta. Ryan has recently been a favorite to play with Infected Mushroom during their US tours as well as many of the worlds top bands & artists. Ryan’s passion for rocking crowds and mixing can easily be seen when he is at work! He is constantly moving and absorbing energy from the music to turn the crowd into an absolute frenzy. His sets always including popular classics & long build ups and turn every dance floor inside out and upside down…

Ryan Nathan is now in the studio working on his first full-length album, which will feature many of the biggest names in dance music. His genuine personality and eye for reading a crowed has made him one of the most in demand performers in the US.