Mistaken Ape

Mistaken Ape first vowed to distinguish themselves from average primates after a German glam rock producer told the band members: “any monkey can DJ.” Believing otherwise, the band decided to call themselves Mistaken Ape and a star was born.

Mistaken Ape officially united in late 2009. Unofficially, however, this music production team has been collaborating since 2004.
After playing alongside the biggest DJs at events throughout Asia, Africa and the US, Mistaken Ape’s production has propelled to a whole new dimension of sound.

Mistaken Ape electrifies dance floors with a deep, soulful-tech sound paired with funky Afro rhythms reminiscent of early Motown. Somewhere in the fusion of these two styles, the unique sound of Mistaken Ape is born.

Never difficult to spot in the wild, the lanky Newton and the hairy Rodger often find themselves hovering over electronic equipment—to the pleasure of crowds large and small. Mistaken Ape’s deep blend of tech and Afro-inspired beats makes for mixes and tracks that inspire savages to beat their chests and dance on the global dance circuit.