Louis Osbourne

With a history of music in his family, it was only a matter of time before Louis Osbourne became a performer like his father Ozzie. Like many, Louis’ epiphany happened during the early 90’s when he began going to underground raves that took place every weekend in his native Birmingham.
Louis was only 16, but the seed for his future had been sown. Inspired by his acid house exposures, Louis started to buy mix tapes and 12”records. At the ripe old age of 18, he knew that DJing was his true passion, and made it his mission to embrace electronic music, it’s culture and lifestyle. Of course, no DJ that ever achieved greatness skipped the “worked at a record store” job on the resume. Louis is no exception. After initial DJ gigs began showing his raw talent, he was hired on by Birmingham’s best known record store, Hard To Find, as a buyer and sales manager. “I did it for three years and it helped me get loads of experience in the industry and my hands on loads of records too,” Louis recalls. Through his job, he got to know other Birmingham DJs like Steve Lawler and Pete Gooding and when Lawler left his Café Mambo residency in Ibiza in 1998, Pete rang Louis to offer him the slot. “It was a big decision to move there: I was working for Mambo six hours a day, seven days a week for a little more than £100,” Louis says, “so I had to supplement my wages by selling mixtapes.” The Mambo residency didn’t make Louis rich, but his daytime mixture of down tempo French-infused sophistication and nighttime jacking Chicago house, really showcased his astute deck skills and deep knowledge of the music he was playing.

Louis quickly got noticed by other clubs on the island, and his name was being pitched for some high profile residencies. Louis was offered a residency on Cream’s terrace (which he accepted) and within a year became a Bugged Out! Ibiza resident. Although DJs tend to be a notoriously fickle bunch, Louis says that he hasn’t deviated too much from the dark, Wild Pitch sound that got him hooked on house in the first place in the early 90s. “When I was doing the Mambo residency, I was into Sneak, Derrick Carter and Green Velvet. I went through the whole Peace Division/ tribal techno sound in the early 2000s and it coincided with me living in LA for a year, between 2001 and 2002,” he explains.

In early 2000, while still living in LA, Louis met his Irish fiancé and together they relocated to Ireland. His move back to Europe coincided with the release of his first mix CD ‘ Motion Audio’ in the US, followed by a second compilation, ‘Beats Reality’ on German label Delta. “Beats Reality’ in particular highlighted his ongoing passion for jacking house and clubby techno, gaining him high praise in the press. Studio time also became a priority, and Louis signed tracks to German labels Kingdome Kome, and Black & Mylo Records. His release entitled “Maia” (with a Ramon Zenker Remix), gained support from the likes of Steve Lawler, Carl Cox, King Unique, Deepgroove, and D.Ramirez to name a few.

Over the past 15 years, Louis has played across the globe and filled his passport with stamps from nearly every continent. Louis has played in China, Czech Republic, Ireland, Dubai, America, England, Spain and Canada. He is a regular fixture at world-renowned clubs like U60311 (where he holds a monthly residency-Frankfurt), Spundae (LA), Polar TV (Berlin), Tribehouse (Dusseldorf), Centro Fly (New York), Home (Sydney), Bugged Out (Liverpool) and Pacha and Amnesia (Ibiza). His bookings are due to his true passion for electronic music and the skills he brings to the decks. Louis is forever evolving and learning, and he always brings that sense of excitement and joy to his fans wherever he plays. He has an innate ability to move effortlessly between underground house and techno, and his positive energy always infiltrates the crowd.

Louis will be expanding his sound and presence with his label Mija Recordings. Louis has been actively signing both up and comers along with respected industry veterans and plans to incorporate branded Mija radio shows, tours and sponsor support of events his artistes play. Louis is a performer with the sound of music in his blood and is reemerging as one of the worlds most in demand dance music artist.