Jeremiah Green

Life long passions can take shape from the smallest things. In Jeremiah’s case a Hi-Tek3 cassette at the age of eight. Then enters The Chemical Brothers’ “Setting Sun” music video a few years later. These two things would become the seeds of Jeremiah’s passion. News of raves from a close friend just fed the fire. After road trips and nights of dancing, the seeds were planted and an obsession began. Being born and raised in Kingman, Arizona left a lot to be desired when it came to fresh, new music. This was no suburb of a great musical city. With no venues or local music, self-study became a necessity in order to feed the hunger about this music he loved. With no radio play of his music or local DJs, the isolation would prove instrumental to him developing his own tastes and opinions.

In 2000, fresh out of high school, Jeremiah moved to San Diego. After hearing house music blasting out of a local record shop, his first records were bought and an addiction took control. Pawning his TV for a record player, barely eating, and always late on rent, vinyl addiction had taken over. It didn’t matter if it was techno or drum & bass, Vince Watson or Monty & Pascal, as long as it had “that” sound.

After San Diego came Salt Lake City. Noticing one of the club nights was bringing in Sasha, he talked his way into being a promoter. The complete lack of experience and not knowing people in this new city was no obstacle. A knowledge base and passion for music did the talking. Before he knew it he wasn’t just a promoter for them, he was the promoter. This seized opportunity led to a sneak peak at the nightlife he would soon be a part of. The natural progression ensued of promoter to DJ. Eventually warming up the main room for local and international talent to playing after hour house parties.

The past few years have seen Jeremiah honing his skills as a DJ. Loving the deep and dark as much as the bright and funky, genres serve only as options not as sole points of interest. Through countless gigs he is just as happy warming up a space for the evenings proceedings as he is banging it out during the peak hours. He is no stranger to the dance floor. A love of dancing is what he believes keeps him grounded to the dance floor. This attitude has seen Jeremiah take trips far and wide to catch the talent he believes are pushing the envelope. “It was put best, never trust a DJ who doesn’t dance.”