Lighting the way into the Twenty-First Century, Creator Entertainment is designed to take the business of LIVE entertainment beyond the new millennia.  Creator Entertainment encompasses full solution brand development with divisions including, Artist Management, Artist Bookings, Concept Event Package Design and Deployment, Merchandising Solutions, Traditional and Experiential Marketing, Content Generation, Content Licensing and Distribution, Sponsorship Pairing and Non-Profit Alignment.
Creator Entertainment represents a diverse range of exceptionally talented, professional business and marketing minds alongside exceptionally inspired artists all sharing a common outlook on generation and distribution of their respective art form.   The roster includes musicians, fine artists, dance and acrobatic performers, visual artists, writers and actors.  Each artist on the Creator Roster has dedicated their life towards developing and sharing their extraordinary gift with the world and through their expressive behavior will each leave a serious mark.
Creator Entertainment has produced top-notch events for over 15 years throughout North America facilitating thousands of artist bookings while safely entertaining hundreds of thousands of loyal fans.  The company will continue to produce its own world-class events and expand across the globe.
Creator Entertainment has a genuine passion for its Non-Profit component designed to protect our planet and its life for generations to come. For over 15 years the group has worked alongside the earths most vital non-profit groups and global relief efforts. Creator Entertainment pairs LIVE event production with efforts ranging from environmental, humanitarian, animal rights, social, disease prevention, spiritual and sustainable-renewable energy initiatives. Mass audiences around the world have been touched with this ongoing project that is designed to recruit volunteers, distribute information, enlighten, raise funds and spark proactive global change.
Creator Entertainment prides itself with unsurpassed service and the ability to provide the most cutting edge entertainment experiences.
  • Artist Management
  • Non-Profit and Event Pairing
  • Concept Event Packages
  • Event Production
  • Talent Brokering
  • Merchandise Solutions
  • Viral Marketing & PR
  • Destination Tour Package Fulfillment
  • Sponsorship Acquisition
  • Music Recording, Licensing and Distribution
  • Custom Video Content Generation, Licensing and Distribution
  • Content Streaming
  • Business Management